Ferrari Experience!

Ferrari has always been synonymous with excellence in the automotive industry and in the field of race cars. But according to you, Ferrari means just that?

For me, absolutely not!

Ferrari, like many other famous Italian products in the world, is a symbol of Made in Italy, and it is also synonymous with authenticity, excellence, emotion and tradition.
 Just imagine the roar of its engines, its sudden impulse, its speed, the excitement of a race of Formula 1 Grand Prix, the sparkle of its bright red, and the high technology mixed with the history and tradition. This and much more "means" Ferrari.

The Ferrari was born in 1939, thanks to Enzo Ferrari, as a manufacturer of components for aircraft. Only since 1947 he started building cars. Today, Ferrari became a symbol of Made in Italy and luxury and it continues to be built in Italy, in Maranello, a small town near Modena. Maranello has now become a real village dedicated to Ferrari, thanks to the construction of the Museum and the Maranello Village, an exclusive 4-star hotel, where to stay surrounded by famous historical models of engines and car!
 Maranello Village is the perfect place to spend an exciting weekend in the luxury red colored hotel rooms and then to take part in a tour of the Ferrari museum and of the Fiorano test track. 

Reckless people could not miss a Ferrari driving experience. Many circuits throughout Italy offer the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving a real Ferrari and to discover the emotions felt by the real F1 drivers! For those who prefer a less "adrenaline" experience, why not to take part in a Formula 1 event? You could attend Monza Grand Prix for just 85 euros ... an experience certainly more affordable compared to a Ferrari driving!

For those who love to travel to the Middle East, you can not miss a visit to the Ferrari World in Abu Dahbi, a real amusement park dedicated entirely to Ferrari, including roller coasters, video, 3D, and a thousand of other unique experiences! And also the building that houses the Ferrari World is unique: it is the largest theme park in the world with its 40 acres of land where stand 20 spectacular attractions, with the fastest roller coaster in the world!

But there are also people for those "Ferrari" means not only cars, speed, adrenaline and fun. Some, in fact, consider the Ferrari as an example of style. Just look at the Ferrari merchandising, with a rich store of handbags, sweaters, jackets, pants, shoes, jewelry .... Obviously with Ferrari price!

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