Travel in Italy during fall: what to wear?

Travel in Italy during fall is the perfect chance to experience this charming country with all the benefit of the low season! Fall - from mid October to the beginning of December - is the best season to visit Italy. Indeed you could:

  • find lower hotel price
  • avoid the crowds of the high season
  • avoid the hot Italian summer 
But how to pack your luggage for an Italy tour during the fall?

Above all you have to consider that most of the trip is spent outside, visiting world famous monuments or walking along the charming streets and squares of the most known Italian cities. Than you have to know that the weather its not the same in the Southern Italy and in the Northern Italy. The early fall is still pleasant in the the Southern Italy and along the coast, but it is surely colder in the Northern Italy and inland. The raining days are not unusual, above all during November, but you could also find the first splashes of snow in the Alps and the "acqua alta" (floods) in Venice. Conversely, in Florence, Rome, Naples and Amalfi Coast, you could find hot days and you will surely need a short-sleeved shirt!

So, my suggestion is "vestirsi a cipolla"! Literally translated means "to dress like an onion"... it is easy: you have to wear different layers, from the t-shirt to the warm sweaters! To be more trendy and to avoid the "awkward effect", don't forget to bring with you jackets and scarves. 

Of course, don't forget your raining boots and umbrellas. And, if the raining days look like so grey, look at this wonderful and colored boots and umbrellas!

You could think that travel in Italy during fall, with boots, umbrellas, jackets, t-shirts, scarves etc. is really too much to pack and could also be too much expensive, with airlines increasingly adding fees for checking baggage. 

But this is not right, if you follow my suggestions! Bring with you only comfortable clothes, like jeans, t-shirts and colored scarves, that are also very light. Then add few wool sweaters, a jacket and comfortable shoes.You could buy your colored raining boots and umbrellas during your travel in Italy: in this way you could also bring back home some original souvenirs!

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